Seven Chimneys 2010 – 2017

Seven Chimneys Farm sits in Clarkesdale, Mississippi and is the spiritual home of the PORCH Society. By beginning their work through Seven Chimneys, the PORCH Society promotes on site workshops across a wide spectrum of topics. Classes held over the past several years have included workshops in dark room developing with Langdon Clay, a one week intensive photography workshops with international acclaimed photographer Magdalena Sole, a song writing workshop with Bluesman Jonn Richardson, and a women’s writing retreat featuring author Patricia Henley.

The PORCH Society also worked with Seven Chimneys to sponsor a children’s week long art camp administered by the GRIOT after school arts program. This program entered its fourth year in the summer of 2015. Looking ahead, PORCH and Seven Chimneys plan many class additions including cooking and nutritional classes with well known chefs, and perhaps a master gardening class. As well as on site workshops, the PORCH Society will continue to sponsor artist residencies in the area and in return will expect those artists to give time either by engaging kids and adults in the art creation process, or by giving classes and lectures locally in the public schools, libraries and other community meeting places.

Seven Chimneys is conducive to providing a magical experience for a variety of groups. They also care for individual guests looking to get away from it all for a break in the beautiful countryside.