COVID-19: Connecting Farmers With People Who Need Food



IT’S A NEW WORLD. Due to COVID-19, thousands of farmers have production they can’t sell. At the same time, people are lining up at food banks around the US. The restaurant and foodservice business has almost totally shut down and demand has fallen off the table. While crops are going to waste, millions of people have lost their jobs and are low on money. Without paychecks, many will face hunger issues in weeks if not days. In many places in the US, children no longer receive lunch in school, putting more pressure on parents to feed them at home. LET’S CONNECT THE DOTS! We are starting with RICE and here is our idea. The PORCH Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Preservation of Rural Cultural Heritage) will buy brown rice directly from farmers well below wholesale cost and ship it to food bank locations around the US. The initial sponsors of this project are Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners, the PORCH Society, Farmacopia Farms, and Two Brooks Farm. We are in need of other donors to support our efforts. While our first project is rice, we can connect the dots for other

OUR PILOT PROJECT is to ship five trucks of brown rice to various high need food assistance organizations around the US within the next 30 days. We expect the cost to be $13,000-$17,000 per truck, and $66,000-$85,000 total counting freight. We plan to start with Harvesters, a community food network in Kansas City. They have a bagging facility where they can turn the bulk 2,000 lb. totes into 2 lb. packages that can be distributed to families. Here are some numbers:

There are no additional or hidden expenses. It’s a totally transparent relief effort where every dollar spent buys food that feeds hungry mouths… and it starts NOW. The PORCH Society will manage the project.



  1. If you can and want to DONATE CLICK HERE
  2. If you’re a producer and want to MOVE PRODUCT please email
  3. If you are a food bank, food distributor or agency that NEEDS FOOD please email

On behalf of hungry people and farmers across America, we salute you!

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